Whether you’re a venture-funded start-up or publicly traded company, GPR can play a vital role throughout the lifecycle of your outbound marketing campaigns. From the heavy lifting of initial positioning and messaging to flawless program execution, GPR has amassed an impressive track record of success. We’ve launched over three dozen start-ups, guided numerous clients through record-breaking IPO’s and positioned dozens of clients for highly successful mergers.

Core Competencies:

Strategic Messaging

We work hand-in-glove with clients to develop compelling, credible and highly differentiated positioning that permeates every aspect of your communications campaigns for consistent message pull-through.

Company & Product Launches

From stealth company rollouts to “silver bullet” product launches for established enterprises, we accelerate our clients’ time-to-market visibility. GPR’s winning campaigns quickly establish market leadership to dramatically improve company valuations.

Results-driven Media & Analyst Relations

Simply put, we know how to reach and connect with your industry’s most important influencers. It’s engrained in our agency DNA. From broadcast, business press and online media, to key market analysts and bloggers that shape industry perception, GPR connects the dots and tilts the conversation in your favor.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Support

GPR’s approach to integrated communications is designed to optimize your presence online while coordinating with and strongly supporting the company’s offline presence. Moreover, GPR integrates digital marketing and social media into our overall communications strategy to connect with media and industry influencers, as well as qualified investors and prospective customers.

Thought Leadership Campaigns

Securing opportunities for your executive team to communicate the company’s value proposition, provide market dynamic and trending perspectives, and explain key points of differentiation is at the heart of our thought leadership campaigns. Learn how GPR’s storyboarding skills for key company initiatives leave a lasting impression.

Masterful Content Development

GPR’s award-winning writing team produces everything from bylined contributed articles to expertly crafted case studies, web copy, press releases, solutions briefs, FAQs, white papers and more. “We eat deadlines for lunch,” isn’t just a slogan: it’s a promise.