"On Second Thought"

  • Wireless Connectivity: A Powerful Factor in Remote Patient Monitoring Success

    Remote patient monitoring (RPM) increased in scale and importance as the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated minimizing one-to-one contact, at the same time maintaining high quality health care.  As a result, companies are rapidly innovating to meet RPM demand, but RPM as an industry is still in its infancy.  The learning continues.  RPM companies need to figure… Read More »

  • Patient-Centric Care Takes a Leap Forward

    Dr. Arshad Ali, Co-founder and CEO, VeeMed The pandemic is spurring great changes in healthcare.  It has been a wake-up call for providers who have had to drastically shift their care models to more remote settings, maintaining onsite visits for critical care and patients with complex issues.  Out of this change has come the realization… Read More »

  • Solving the Connected Car Conundrum Post COVID-19

    Solving the Connected Car Conundrum Post COVID-19

    When the global economy begins to recover from the impact of COVID-19, automakers will effectively need a jumpstart. One of the paths to monetization will be new connected vehicle services to entice consumers into major purchases and to nurture customer loyalty. The most effective and economical way to do this will be to use technology… Read More »

  • IoT Solutions Evolve

    Everyone from consumer goods makers to auto manufacturers to delivery companies is anxious to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) for greater value and productivity, but to date, the tools available for building IoT solutions haven’t been particularly efficient. Companies have been forced to “roll their own” IoT solutions, and many of these efforts have… Read More »

  • Stopping Malware in the Cloud

    Stopping Malware in the Cloud

    Moving digital assets to the public cloud reduces costs and increases productivity, but it poses some new information security challenges. Specifically, many Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems (IDPS) that were designed for the on-premises network come up short when deployed in the public cloud. An April 3, 2019 article in ZDNet mentioned that over 540… Read More »

  • Rosie the Robot Lives!

    Some of us remember Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons TV show, a mechanical housekeeper that made life easier for the family. But in reality, robotics has traditionally been developed mainly for industrial applications like manufacturing. Now, robot technology has evolved to the point where designers are tackling broader applications such as self-propelled cyber guides,… Read More »

  • The Secret Sauce Behind Flexible Displays

    The display world is going flexible. Apart from withstanding the pressure when people sit on them, legacy smartphone displays aren’t designed to be flexible. But now that Samsung and other players are or soon will be introducing flexible and foldable smartphones, tablets and wearables, the industry is coming up with new materials that produce flexible… Read More »

  • Security Consoles Running Amok? SOAR Above the Fray

    Sometimes it seems as there’s a security solution for every attack, and as attacks multiply, so does the number of security consoles that need tending in the corporate datacenter. From IDS and IPS to SEIM, data leak prevention and virus control, companies today have so many security solutions in play that they’re having trouble keeping… Read More »

  • Who Should Speak For You?

    Since public relations is the art of effectively communicating your company’s story, the person who tells your story can make or break your program. While larger companies have a pool of marketing, sales, and senior management executives to carry the ball, it’s often difficult for an organization—start-ups in particular—to identify the right spokespersons.  Often due… Read More »

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