About Us

Strategic Marketing Communications and High Tech Public Relations

Founded in 1992, Gallagher Public Relations has provided results-driven high tech public relations campaigns for some of the technology industry’s most successful companies. Employing a consultative model – as opposed to the traditional “account team” approach comprised of layers of redundant and often times junior resources typically found in large agencies – GPR provides exclusively senior talent on each and every account. That’s why we get up to speed on your business quickly and efficiently. As a result, campaigns get designed in record time, program implementation is initiated out of the gate and results occur right away – not in weeks or months after kick off.

The Approach:

Amplify Your Voice in the Language of Success

We stress test your company’s value proposition methodically, relentlessly, to hammer out sustainable differentiation. Then we skillfully fine-tune your reason for being—your raison d’être—amplifying it in the language of success.

We employ our long-standing and trusted relationships with key high tech industry influencers, media and analysts, to transmit with authority those enhanced messages to the audiences that count—your customers, investors and partners. It’s the perfect nexus of well-honed strategy, radiant wordsmithing and flawless execution.

The Results:

We Accelerate Your Sales

In the end, GPR helps you sell your products and services ahead of the competition. We turn early-stage players into market-dominating technology leaders—time and time again.