Equity Events

GPR is comprised exclusively of Silicon Valley marketing veterans that have teamed to launch over 50 startups and successfully influenced over 20 mergers and acquisitions and seven IPOs, resulting in over $60 billion in market capitalization on behalf of its clients. Over 70 percent of GPR’s clients have enjoyed successful equity events.

  1. AltspaceVR, the leading virtual reality social networking app acquired by Microsoft—GPR client for three years
  2. Verizon completes $4.48 billion acquisition of Yahoo—Yahoo Small Business a GPR client until 2019
  3. Cyphort, a maker of security analytics software for large and midsize enterprises, acquired by Juniper Networks
  4. LSI Corporation acquired by Avago Technologies for $6.6B -GPR client for 3 years
  5. Mu Dynamics Acquired by Spirent Communications, Apr 20, 2012—GPR launched Mu in 2006.
  6. Altor Networks acquired by Juniper for $95M, Dec. 2010 – GPR launched March 2008
  7. Saint-Gobain Makes $80M Strategic Investment in SAGE, Nov. 2010
  8. SCI Receives $24M Funding from DFJ, Westly Group
  9. Sun Edison acquired by MEMC Electronic Materials Inc. for $200M, Oct. 2009
  10. Woven Systems acquired by Fortinet 2009 – GPR launched Woven in 2007
  11. EnFlex acquired by Sun Edison, 2008
  12. Packeteer acquired by Blue Coat for $268M, 2008 – GPR client for 3 years
  13. Peribit acquired by Juniper Networks for $334M, 2005 – GPR client for 3 years
  14. Alteon Web Systems acquired by Nortel for $8 billion
  15. Network Appliance IPO reaching market capitalization exceeding $3 billion
  16. Intraware IPO reaching market capitalization exceeding $1 billion
  17. Vermeer acquired by Microsoft for $350 million
  18. Weblogic acquired by BEA Systems for $275 million
  19. Ascend IPO 1993; acquired by Lucent for $24 billion
  20. Chromatis acquired by Lucent for $6 billion
  21. Riverstone IPO 2001
  22. Redback IPO 1999
  23. Cosine IPO 2000 @$230 million
  24. Ipsilon acquired by Nokia $120 million

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