“We began our relationship with Gallagher PR at a time of great challenge as we sought support to re-position Yahoo Small Business as a company ready to meet emerging competition. Yahoo Small Business was integrating with Verizon, changing leadership and beginning several key service initiatives in the ecommerce arena. It was, to say the least, a big “ask” for any PR firm. Gallagher PR did an amazing, creative job in helping up-level messaging and content that resonated among our media and industry analyst constituents. In short order, we were on our way with a refreshed brand driven by aggressive, proactive outreach resulting in an enormous uptick in media exposure, while establishing executives as thought leaders and a source for ongoing dialogue with key influencers.”

— Dan Breeden, Senior Manager, Strategic Alliances, Yahoo Small Business

“Backed by over 25 years of strategic MarCom and PR experience, I have called upon GPR to support or launch a number of companies. When we are ready to take Aparna Systems to the next level, I didn’t hesitate to call upon their expertise, from strategic positioning and messaging to technical writing and flawless execution. GPR is my go-to agency.”

— Sam Mathan, CEO, Aparna Systems

“Kevin and his team were professional and rock stars from the very first interview. GPR set us up for success and drove the media campaign that launched my global company. I can’t thank them enough.”

— Brian C. Boguess, CEO, Nuance Energy

One hallmark of a great PR agency is the ability to take a stealth company from ‘ground zero to hero’ by creating a highly defensible and credible market position that stands up to media and analyst scrutiny, while attracting highly qualified customer prospects. That’s exactly what Gallagher PR has done. Thanks to their exceptional counsel and resulting media coverage, Core4 now enjoys a prominent position in the data center cooling market segment.

— Rick Cockrell, former CTO, Core4 Systems

It’s not often that a PR agency combines technical depth and outside of the box marketing and media savvy with good basic PR chops. Gallagher PR is one of the few agencies I’ve worked with that has the complete package, of particular value to tech ventures in interesting new arenas.

— Peter Christy, Research Director, Networking, 451 Research

Selecting the right PR agency is among the most strategic business decisions a company can make. Gallagher PR has been instrumental in helping us craft and refine deliverables that clearly articulate our powerful value proposition. Their positioning, writing, media and analyst relations skills have led to a successful company launch and solid coverage which has undoubtedly increased our company valuation.

— David Wolins, Former CEO, Scientific Conservation, Inc.

I really enjoyed working with Kevin while at XACCT. The Gallagher PR team was a true partner in our efforts to launch a brand new start-up. Their contributions towards our messaging and positioning efforts were invaluable. Their skill in stress-testing our value proposition and business case arguments had a lot to do with the success of XACCT, eventually acquired by Amdocs. What I most appreciate is GPR’s devil’s advocate approach that helped prepare us for hard-hitting media and analyst challenges. Much more than a ‘blocking and tackling’ PR shop, GPR is a value-adding consultancy that delivers high impact services spanning messaging, writing and media relations.

— Anil Uberoi, Former SVP Marketing & Biz Dev at XACCT

Having worked with Kevin since 1986, it’s clear that Gallagher PR has stood the test of time and demonstrated a ‘get it’ factor in networking technologies that has helped establish some of the biggest names in the industry.

— Michael Howard, IHS Senior Research Director, Carrier Networks

The ability to translate highly technical material into easy-to-understand business case messaging is an art. And we were the beneficiary of Gallagher PR’s unique skills as consummate storytellers on behalf of Mahi Networks. Not only does GPR have superior positioning and messaging chops, they possess tremendous writing skills and maintain longstanding media and analyst relationships that produce results.

— Ron Longo, VP Worldwide Sales, VeloCloud Networks (Former VP Marketing, Mahi Networks)

Having outside PR counsel can be invaluable to presenting a compelling story. Gallagher PR has the technical depth to understand and develop such an approach. Their critical thinking, writing skills and results-driven PR program support are second to none.

— Gary Orenstein, CMO, MemSQL (Former VP Marketing, Gear6)

I’ve worked with many marketing and PR vendors over the last 20 years in Silicon Valley and truly enjoyed the unique results that Gallagher PR consistently delivers. GPR’s seasoned veterans are not only deep technically, but they understand the blend of art and science required to differentiate products and contribute to the creative ‘black magic’ that produces great results and influences sales revenue.

— Adam Stein, Principal, APS Marketing, Inc. (Former VP Marketing at Mu Dynamics)

We performed an exhaustive due diligence process in selecting GPR as our public relations agency. Gallagher PR’s strengths in messaging and positioning, technical depth and ability to advocate our value proposition proved to be the winning combination.

— Eric Lind, VP Business Development, Contour Energy

As is a fast-emerging global market leader for home energy management and demand response solutions, we have a highly differentiated offering that will significantly alter industry perception through creative market education efforts. After evaluating a number of agencies, we selected Gallagher PR because of their relevant experience in the smart grid and energy management space, as well as their track record in quickly establishing a critical mass of market visibility for its clients.

— Niraj Bhargava, CEO, Energate

Heat Software recently underwent a rebranding initiative realigning marketing with our vision of being the hybrid IT service management leader. We needed a public relations firm to communicate this vision to the market. After a diligent agency search, we selected Gallagher PR for its talent in strategic messaging, well-established reputation and influential access to key industry influencers.

— David Puglia, CMO, Jive Software (Former CMO, Heat Software)

We entrusted Gallagher PR to introduce our electric vehicle lithium-ion battery breakthrough that doubles energy density and provides the potential to cut the cost of a battery pack in half. The results of GPR’s efforts eclipsed our expectations. Not only did they help us craft a compelling story to explain our technical achievements in compelling business case language, but also they delivered a critical mass of media coverage that has raised our market visibility significantly.

— Atul Kapadia, CEO, Envia Systems

As an innovative market leader in storage and networking acceleration solutions, LSI requires skilled public relations strategy and execution to effectively communicate our differentiation and overall value proposition. This requires compelling content and broad coverage in the right places to break through the noise and drive inbound search. Consequently, for us, the right agency demonstrates a unique combination of technical depth, creative storytelling skills and deeply rooted relationships with key media and analyst influencers.

— Dave Miller, Senior Director Corporate Marketing, Qualcomm (Former Director of Marketing, LSI Corp.)

As a WAN Optimization start-up competing in a fiercely competitive market, Peribit sought out a PR agency that combined technical depth, compelling writing ability and aggressive media and analyst relations capabilities. We found what we wanted with Gallagher PR. Within 18 months, GPR helped us quickly overtake entrenched competitors with an extraordinarily well-conceived PR campaign.

— Jef Graham, CEO, RGB Networks (Former CEO at Peribit Networks)

There are numerous Silicon Valley PR firms that, ironically, are virtually indistinguishable from one another – many of them controlled by the big NY media conglomerates. What makes Gallagher PR stand out is their unique combination of senior level, hands-on strategy coupled with top notch writing services and imaginative media and analyst relations capabilities. If you’re looking for a shop with a high ‘get it’ and ‘work hard’ factor, this is your agency.

— Paul Wiefels, Managing Director, the Chasm Group LLC

I’ve had the good fortune of working with Gallagher PR on two highly successful ventures: Ipsilon Networks and Redback Networks. With the help of GPR, Ipsilon was acquired by Nokia. And Redback Networks went on to a tremendously successful IPO before being acquired by Ericsson. What sets GPR apart is that they assign senior level talent to deliver positioning, messaging, launch strategies, writing and top notch media and analyst relations services.

— Larry Blair, CEO, Kaleo Apps, Inc.
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